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Commercial Management

For over three decades, we developed an international network of traders, ship owners, and brokers. Our reputation is defined by our trust, customer loyalty, experience, commercial flexibility, and quality services.

Our presence within the industry enables us to commercially manage tanker vessels by short & long-term time charters.


Voyage Chartering

Our fleet is utilized for voyages on the SPOT market. In order to meet the growing demand we charter vessels from the SPOT market. Comprehensive voyage estimates are done by our experienced chartering executives to determine if a fixture is feasible to pursue. Our executive ensures relevant parties (suppliers, traders, and receivers) are well informed from negotiations to the conclusion of a ‘clean’ fixture.


Post Fixture Services

Our operations team is geared to the dynamics of markets by providing the best in-time services to our clients.  We equip the department with the necessary resources to carry out their daily responsibilities such as:

  • Ensure the vessel has updated voyage orders
  • Communicate updates to relevant parties
  • Liaise with appointed agents
  • Monitor with vessel’s schedule, performance, and fuel consumption
  • Adherence to the charter party in place

Previous Time Charters

Vessel Name Year Built Flag State DWT (MT) Delivery Date Charter Period
New Prosperity
(Relet from Genesis Maritime)
1999 Liberia 281,050 Apr-2019 6M
Biendong Victory 2001 Vietnam 47,084 Aug-2013 6Y
Biendong Melody 2004 Vietnam 45937 Aug-2011 3Y
Global Vika 1999 Malta 16,408 Sep-2012 1Y
Hong Hai 6 2013 China 16,826 Mar-2016 1M + 1M
Kenza*  2001 Marshall Islands 16,456 Apr-2012 3Y + 9M
Liquid Gold 1999 Liberia 13,781 Nov-2013 8M
LPG/C M Gas 1992 Panama 3,785 Sep-2016 6M
Reem 3 1991 Panama 4,059 Mar-2017 3M
SP Belgrade 2006 Marshall Islands 7,454 Oct-2012 1Y + 8M
SP Beijing/Doradus* 2008 Marshall Islands 7,550 Jul-2012 4Y
SP Berlin 2007 Marshall Islands 7,691 Dec-2010 4Y + 5M

* indicates ownership

Previous SPOT Charters

Vessel Name Size (MT)   Vessel Name Size (MT)   Vessel Name Size (MT)
Ocean Sapphire 1,450   Golden Dynasty 14,497   Sea Ambition 19,971
Lady Sara 6,273   Folk Beauty 15,091   Octaden 19,983
YM Uranus 6,970   Folk Elegant 15,091   Ivy Galaxy 19,994
Emek-S 7,051   Ternen 15,212   Siva Rotterdam 19,995
SP Belgrade 7,454   Noroc 16,456   Celsius Manila 19,997
SP Berlin 7,691   Blue Emerald 16,788   Mid Nature 19,998
DL Diamond 8,068   CT Dublin 16,791   Chem Tiger 20,621
Wappen Von Berlin 8,252   Ariana 17,475   Splendour 21,946
SP Atlanta 9,010   Vestholmen 17,527   Dawn Haridwar 35,024
True Colors 9,214   Sea Ruby 17,542   Mariella Bottiglieri 40,166
Berthea 9,220   GSW Frontier 17,548   Akrotiri 44,372
Fair Faethon 10,599   Songa Topaz 17,596   Eship Sama 45,663
Atlantik Miracle 11,320   Chem Bulk 19,450   Gulf Muttrah 46,556
Liana 11,479   Bochem Chennai 19,801   Maetiga 46,925
Selay-S* 11,796   Gema 19,831   Eships Liwa 47,097
Ben 12,909   Chem Star Seven 19,870   Atlantic Crown 47,128
Moor 12,909   Yellow Ray 19,937   Maersk Mississippi 47,990
Sea Challenger 13,088   Mid Fortune 19,945   Giancinta 50,308
Fairchem Sword 13,095   GT Star 19,956   Aligote 74,192
Sea Power 13,095   Ece Nur K 19,964   Megacore Pacifica 74,534
SC Gouji 13,106   Mid Osprey 19,969   Euro Pride 96,765
Liquid Silver 13,862   AS Orelia 19,971   Euro Progress 96,765
            Melor 104,722



To provide high quality and customized services to meet specific customer requirements by offering industry, leading technology, efficient solutions and qualified manpower.


To develop trustworthy, sustainable and efficient companies in key market regions under the cavalier umbrella that offer exceptional commercial services for owners


Our core values of integrity, reliability, open communication and adaptability ensure that your business is in competent hands that you can trust

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