• Introduction

    "We are a leading provider for the commercial management of vessels operating East of Suez (Middle East Gulf, Far East,Indian Ocean & Southeast Asia)"

    Cavalier is a group of companies headquartered in the business capital of the Middle East, Dubai, U.A.E.

    From humble beginnings, Cavalier has come a long way in establishing reliable credentials within the competitive world of chartering (ship brokering in the past). The Cavalier group currently consists of local and offshore companies.

    Though the cyclical business nature of international trade and chartering presents its challenges, we remain excited about our future.

    We foresee a robust business environment for our core activities and will continue to develop itself in key markets.

  • Mission

    To provide high quality & customised services to meet specific customer requirements by offering industry leading technology, efficient solutions and qualified manpower.


    To develop trustworthy, sustainable and efficient companies in key market regions under the Cavalier umbrella that offer exceptional commercial services for vessel owners.


    Our core values of integrity, reliability, open communication and adaptability ensure that your business is in competent hands that you can trust.

  • History

    Cavalier's journey began in 1998 as a small offshore entity. We have spent over 15 years in developing our global presence, commercial network, technical expertise and maritime competency. Our family values cultivate a synergetic environment for owners, commercial managers and operators.

    The group's expansion into new markets and sectors keeps us engaged, motivated and excited about the future.


    Cavalier Enterprise Inc.

    was incorporated in Delaware, USA as an offshore ship brokerage operator for dry and liquid cargo within the MENA region.


    Partnered with Abdulla Al Bulooki General Trading L.L.C., Dubai, UAE.


    Cavalier increased their scope towards voyage chartering tanker vessels.


    Cavalier expanded its profile to become time charter operators for tanker vessels.


    Cavalier Energy L.L.C

    (Dubai) opened with the purpose of providing services to our clients within the MENA and Indian Ocean regions.


    Cavalier purchases its first tanker vessel (MT Kenza) in April

    The following companies were established to develop
    Cavalier in Southeast Asia & Far East regions:
    Caventinc Shipping & Petroleum (Hong Kong – Offshore)
    Cavalier Shipping & Petroleum PTE LTD (Singapore)

    Cavalier partners with Medallion Ship Management L.L.C.,Dubai, U.A.E.


    Cavalier purchases its second tanker vessel (MT Doradus) in July.

  • Senior Management


    Founder & CEO

    Mr. Kamran Isaacs founded Cavalier Enterprise Inc. in 1998. The company served as a brokerage of liquid and dry cargo for over a decade in the MENA region. After 10 years of brokering the company moved into voyage chartering and commercial management of tanker vessels.

    He has been in the industry for over three decades and has spent the last 15 years developing Cavalier's profile and commercial network. He continues to pursue the vision of creating sustainable companies in key market regions under the Cavalier umbrella.

  • Senior Management

    capt. Deepak Jethwani

    Partner & Director

    Capt. Deepak Jethwani is a Master Mariner and has sailed as Captain on various types of vessels (bulk carrier, container, tanker, etc). He came ashore after 17 years of sea experience and launched his own commercial management firm focusing on tankers in the MENA & Southeast Asia regions.

    His firm merged with Cavalier Enterprise Inc. and he took on the role as Director in late 2010. He brings a wealth of commercial management experience and technical expertise. He is a Partner at Cavalier Energy L.L.C. and plays an integral role in Cavalier's growth globally.

  • Management Systems

    Cavalier strives for organizational growth however sustaining and managing that growth is challenging. The quality management certification embeds foundational principles per department. Thus giving us the confidence to grow our organization with scalable management practices.

    As of Feb, 2012 Cavalier Enterprise Inc. & Cavalier Energy L.L.C were certified by DNV for being compliant with ISO 9001-2008 quality management standards. Cavalier has invested in developing its staff as ISO certified lead and internal auditors.

    SHIPNET is an ERP software designed specifically for operators within the Maritime industry. Cavalier has integrated the Commercial and Financial Management modules within the organization.

    SHIPNET enables our departments to communicate more effectively and document all interactions with external parties. We use the software to assess our KPIs on a monthly and quarterly basis by generating detailed internal reports(cargo statistics and financial).


Our services are designed around the requirements of vessel owners seeking commercial success and traders looking to transport their cargo the most economical way.

commercial management

For over a decade Cavalier has been developing an international network of traders, ship owners and brokers. Cavalier's successful reputation is defined by our trust, Customer loyalty,experience, commercial flexibility and quality services. Our presence within the industry enables us to commercially manage vessels by short & long term time charters.

Voyage chartering

Cavalier's fleet is utilized for voyages on the SPOT market. In order to meet the growing demand we charter in vessels from the SPOT market. Comprehensive voyage estimates are done by our experienced chartering executives to determine if a fixture is profitable to pursue. Our executives ensure relevant parties (suppliers, traders and receivers) are well informed from negotiation to conclusion of a 'clean' fixture.


Cavalier's Operations Department are geared to the dynamics of markets by providing the best in-time services to our clients.

We equip our department with all necessary resources to carry out their daily responsibilities, such as:

  • Ensure the vessel has updated voyage orders

  • Communicate updates to relevant parties

  • Liaise with appointed agents

  • Monitor the vessel's schedule, performance & fuel consumption (as per Charter Party)

  • Fleet

    Current Last updated: August, 2016

    Vessel Name Year Built Flag State DWT(MT) Delivery Date Charter Period
    Biendong Victory 2001 Vietnam 47,084 April 2013 3Y +10M
    LPG/C M Gas 1992 Panama 3,785 September 2016 2Y
  • Fleet


    Vessel Name Year Built Flag State DWT (MT) Delivery Date Charter Period
    SP Belgrade 2006 7,454 October 2012 1Y + 8M
    SP Beijing/Doradus * 2008 Marshall Islands 7,550 July 2012 4Y
    SP Berlin 2007 7,691

    December 2010

    4Y + 5M

    Liquid Gold 1999 Liberia 13,781 November 2013 8M
    Global Vika 1999 Malta 16,408 Sept.2012 1Y
    Hong Hai 6 2013 China 16,826 March 2016 1M + 1M
    Kenza * 2001 Marshall Islands 16,456 April 2012 3Y +9M
    Biendong Melody 2004 Vietnam 45,937 August 2011 3Y

    * Previously under our ownership

  • SPOT

    Past Voyage Charters

    6,000 to 10,000 DWT
    10,000 to 30,000 DWT
    30,000 to 50,000 DWT
    50,000 to 105,000 DWT

    Vessel Name (DWT)

    Aligote (74,192 MT)
    Megacore Pacifica (74,534 MT)
    Europride (96,765 MT)

    Euro Progress (96,765 MT)
    Melor (104,722 MT)

    * Vessel chartered more than once

    Vessel Name (DWT)

    Akrotiri (44,372 MT)
    Eships Sama (45,663 MT)
    Gulf Muttrah (46,556 MT)
    Biendong Melody (45,932 MT)
    Maetiga (46,925 MT)

    Eships Liwa (47,097 MT)
    Atlantic Crown (47,128 MT)
    Giancinta (50,308 MT)
    Pretty Jewelry (51,224 MT)

    * Vessel chartered more than once

    Vessel Name (DWT)

    Fair Faethon (10,599 MT)
    Atlantik Miracle (11,320 MT)
    Liana (11,479 MT)
    Selay-S (11,796 MT)*
    Ben (12,909 MT)
    Moor (12,909 MT)
    Sea Challenger (13,088 MT)*
    SC Gouji (13,106 MT)
    Liquid Success (13,300 MT)
    Liquid Silver (13,862 MT)
    Golden Dynasty (14,497 MT)
    Folk Beauty (15,091 MT)*
    Folk Elegant (15,091 MT)*
    Ternen (15,212 MT)

    Blue Emerald (16,788 MT)
    Noroc (16,456 MT)
    CT Dublin (16,791 MT )*
    Sea Ruby (17,542 MT)
    GSW Frontier (17,548 MT)
    Songa Topaz (17,596 MT)*
    Chembulk (19,450 MT)
    Bochem Chennai (19,801 MT)
    Gema (19,831 MT)
    Yellow Ray (19,937 MT)*
    GT Star ( 19,956 MT)
    Ece Nur K (19,964 MT)
    Mid Osprey (19,969 MT)
    Octaden (19,983.17 MT)
    Chem Tiger (20,621 MT)
    Splendour (21,946 MT)

    * Vessel chartered more than once

    Vessel Name (DWT)

    Lady Sara (6,273 MT)*
    YM Uranus (6,970 MT)
    Emek-S (7,051 MT)
    SP Belgrade (7,454 MT)*
    SP Berlin (7,691 MT)*
    DL Diamond (8,068 MT)

    WappentVon Berlin (8,252 MT)
    SP Atlanta (9,010 MT)
    True Colors (9,214 MT)
    Berthea (9,220 MT)

    * Vessel chartered more than once


Contact us

Level 19
Dubai World Trade Center.
P.O. Box 51058. Dubai, UAE.
Call : +9714 3515500
Fax : +971 4 3515885
Email : info@cavalier.ae


Cavalier is always looking for talented professionals to join our growing company in a variety of areas. We are committed to finding passionate and motivated individuals to contribute to our team. If you are interested, please email us at careers@cavalier.ae